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When you need a new roof, you can't afford to put off scheduling a replacement. Fortunately, you can turn to Cayenne Construction & Remodeling, LLC in Lafayette, LA for fast, reliable service. We'll bring high-quality roofing materials and over 16 years of experience to the job. You'll get a new roof built with Atlas or Owens Corning residential or commercial roofing materials.

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5 times to consider replacing your roof

Your roof is a major investment, and it's tempting to keep it in place for as long as possible. However, you should think about replacing your roof when it:

  • Warps or droops, telling you that its frame is beyond repair.
  • Has a large hole, requiring repairs more expensive than a roof replacement.
  • Needs repairs frequently, showing that it's on its last legs.
  • Has a big dent in its metal panels, meaning it will develop a leak easily.
  • Is missing shingles, meaning that the shingles have broken down completely.

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